Bear by Maria

Maria aus Kanada hat uns geschrieben:

You might want to get your German describers to do this picture.
They might like to see a shot of a real black bear.
My sister lives on the outskirts of Vancouver at the bottom of a
ski hill and a wild stream. There is a lot of wildlife there and bears often
come into her back garden. One time a bear came, sat in the middle
of the garden and went to sleep for awhile  🙂  She had to wait for it to
wake up and leave before she could go out.
She said this one is a very healthy black bear.
I can only see the trees and pink flowers in front. I can’t see the bear
in the centre or any details on it, too dark.

Und nun als Überraschung für Maria hat Katrin das Bild auf Englisch beschrieben. Und als Überraschung für alle möchten wir euch ankündigen, daß es bald auch einen ganzen englischen Bildbeschreibungsblog geben wird!

A black bear in a garden



Bildbeschreibung von Katrin:

Dear Maria,

I just finished reading an article on animals vanishing from our daily life. Your picture is a wonderful proof that this is not true for everyone.
What we see is at first sight a nice picturesque garden scene: a wooden arch, painted neatly in white with lots of red flowers on both sides.
The arch is exactly in the middle of the edgewise picture. It is covered with greenery. Clematis climbs up on the left and drops its tendrils down from the middle. A cypress is growing close to its right hand side. In the foreground there is a piece of cosy lawn and in the back of the arch we see several big ferns and a lot of twigs that block the way. It looks like the entrance to a herbal grotto.
That is obviously where he came from: the bear. He is on his four paws and hasn’t quite got to the arch yet. Still, he already fills more than half of its width. He is not tall, but very stout. His coat is shiny and thick, all black, except of one bright patch on his chest. Which is hardly visible between his strong forelegs. He holds his head up and looks straight into the camera.
His eyes are sitting close to each other in his big black face. They are surprisingly small for the huge body.The strong snout is covered with white hair. He must be a rather old and respectable bear.
The black ears are perfectly shaped and upright. They make him look like the perfect pet bear.
He does not move, as far as I can see. Maybe he stopped on his way towards the lawn. As if he was hesitating to cross under the arch. He looks like an actor ready to enter the scene. What if he does? We do see his back. He is not sitting down and that powerful body can take him anywhere in less than a second. As we don’t see more of the garden, it is hard to judge the distance between us and the bear. In fact, it seems to me that the picture was taken with a zoom. Which I think is a good idea. I prefer to think the photographer was safe behind a window when she took it.
It is a very close encounter all the same.


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Eine Antwort zu “Bear by Maria

  1. Maria

    Thank you katrin.

    Beyond the arch is a large ravine and a big creek that flows down from the mountain.That is where the bears come from. And yes you guessed correctly, my sister took the photo from the living room window across from the lawn and garden. He would be about 30 meters from the house. I like your description. It tells me surprising things I never knew were in the photo. It’s also very humorous.


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